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Laser Lipo/ Lipo Cavitation

 During this procedure you will receive a full treatment of laser lipo (shrinks the fat) and lipo cavitation (liquidize fat) which is then permanently removed from your body through  your bodies natural waste system.

Bella Hourglass

Are you looking to define your waist and achieve a rounder buttocks?  This treatment consists of laser lipo and lip cavitation to your lower back and vacuum butt therapy. 

Bella 360
Our most popular service!
 This procedure gives you an overall weight loss and fat reduction session. during this treatment , you will receive  laser lipo/ lipo cavitation to you stomach, back and full session of vacuum butt therapy.

 Skin Tightening
This procedure uses radio frequency heat to  stimulate and produce collagen and thicken your skin's natural elasticity in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin.

Cellulite Removal
Reduces the appearance of cellulite and providing a more smoother look. this procedure involves a technique that loosens deep , fatty pockets and dissolves fat  which creates circulation back  to the  treated area.